CU and CSU Recruits Don’t Excite Anyone

(Ron Chenoy -- USA Today Sports)

(Ron Chenoy — USA Today Sports)

There was no way Colorado football coach Mark MacIntyre and new Colorado State football coach Mike Bobo would say they were disappointed about their recruiting class. If they said that, they probably lost their new players for good.

It’s hard to take either of them seriously when they are excited about their class. The reality is they don’t know. They are hoping for the best from these guys few years from now. It’s going to come down to how both coaches develop these guys. How they do will determine if they are coaching their respective programs few years from now.

For MacIntyre, he knew it was hard to get great high school football players from California or Arizona. Not when he has amassed a record of 6-18 overall and 1-17 in his first two years as CU head coach. Fortunately for him, he did not need this year’s recruits to make a difference. His recruits from last two years have had plenty of experience the last two years where they can make a difference this year.

Still, it would be nice if he could have gotten a difference maker in quarterback. Colorado hasn’t had a quality quarterback player for a long time now.

Colorado drafted projects at best. It’s going to take good coaching and hard work for these recruits to be impact players. It remains to be seen if they can do it.

It used to be Colorado could get great players from Texas, California and Arizona during the Bill McCartney days. They could have picked anyone they want. It was like the player had to come to them, not the other way around.

It’s different now. Colorado is desperate to get anyone to play for them. They have to settle for scrapheaps or projects. That’s what happens when Colorado has developed a losing culture for the last nine years.

The next time Colorado gets difference making players is when they start putting themselves in a position to win a BCS Bowl game. That could be a long time. It’s hard to believe MacIntyre will be coaching if it happens. If it does, the current Colorado coach would have done some job building that football program.

MacIntyre can only develop guys at best. He has to hope he gets lucky with these guys and make a run with his players. His job will depend on it.

It’s time for his first two recruiting class to start doing something next year. That means his players should have enough experience to win close games after being in six of the nine Pac-12 games CU was involved in this past season that they could have won. The foundation has to be built now after taking their lumps.

If they can’t make inroads this season, it’s hard to imagine MacIntyre surviving or getting any good players to play at CU.

Colorado State football lost everything the minute Jim McElwain left for Florida to be the head coach of the Florida Gators. They are starting all over again.

McElwain built a foundation, but all of that is gone with Bobo taking over. That means CSU is starting all over.

One thing going for CSU is they continue to recruit Colorado football players with the help of Marty English, who was wisely retained by Bobo. Still, there is a question about them being good under the new coach.

No one knows what Bobo will do. He is an unknown. He wasn’t a sexy hire. He wasn’t what CSU fan wanted.

Like MacIntyre, Bobo is relying on projects and scrapheaps to build a program. McElwain knew how to win with these guys. Who knows if Bobo can maintain that success?

Even if Bobo does okay, it’s hard to think he will get great players to come to Colorado State. Not until they moved to the Big 12. It remains to be seen if that is happening. Maybe the new football stadium can help change that.

Colorado and CSU should get good players. All programs do at one point or another. Still, it’s about getting great players that can be difference makers. It’s about building a program that can have these guys to the NFL. It’s about building a powerhouse.

Colorado and CSU hasn’t built enough bricks to be one.

Settling for unheralded players can’t be the foundation of a program.

It’s about getting great players that can make CU and CSU into a great program. That will be the day National Signing Day matters.

Until then, it’s hard to get excited what players are coming no matter what MacIntyre and Bobo think.

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Leslie Monteiro

Leslie Monteiro

Leslie is a contributor for Lightning Rod Sports. He covered high school sports in Bergen County out in North Jersey, and has written op-ed columns on sports such as Bleacher Report and NY Sports Digest.

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