Giants Send Message To Royals

(John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports)

(John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports)

The Royals found out they were not playing the Athletics, Angels and Orioles anymore after the end of the Game 1 of the World Series. They found out early on that it’s going to take more than magic to beat the Giants.

It wasn’t pretty from the start for this underdog team. The Giants took control early, and by the third inning, it was game over. There was nothing to see for the rest of the night.

The Giants took Game 1 of the World Series by celebrating a 7-1 rout over the Royals last night at Kaufman Stadium. If the Royals don’t figure it out by tonight, this could be a short series.

The Royals deserved the benefit of the doubt for now. It was one game, and it was a matter of time they were going to lose a postseason game. There was no way they were going 12-for-12 in the postseason, not with the way the Giants are playing.

Still, the Giants may have raise doubts about the Royals beating them. That was the takeaway from Game 1. That blowout was a message sent to the AL champs.

This is a Giants team that knows how to win in October. They know how to get hits, strikeouts and outs come postseason. They have done this every even year since 2010. That’s why they are in the World Series for the third time in five years. That’s why they are the favorites to win the World Series.

What the Giants did last night was no different than what they did this postseason. They were able to get a great starting pitching performance from Madison Bumgarner, and they were able to drive in runners with men on base. They played good defense, too.

The Giants have gamers that are tough to get out. It’s never over with them. A team has to play perfect to beat them in October. The National and Cardinals found out the hard way this postseason when they played them.

It’s guys like Hunter Pence, Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval that make the Giants hard to face. They grind it out at the plate. They always get on base with base hits or being walked.

Those guys take advantage of mistakes, and Royals ace James Shields found out the hard way last night when he was off to a rough start in the first inning.

Shields gave up a hit to Gregor Blanco and Posey in the first inning, and Sandoval’s hit drove in the first of the game. Then, he gave up a two-run home run to Pence to make this a 3-0 game.

This was the last thing the Royals ace needed. He has been medicore in the postseason, and he knew he could not continue to get by against a great team like the Giants. He paid for it last night.

The Royals tried to make this a game in the third inning. There was hope by the KC faithful. After all, everything has gone the Royals’ way all October long. With Omar Infante at third and Mike Moustakas at second, the thought was the Royals would tie it or make this a one-run game.

So much for that. Bumgarner struck out Alcides Escobar and Nori Aoki to get two much-needed outs. After he walked Lorenzo Cain to load the bases, he was able to get out of a jam by having Eric Hosmer ground out.

That was the turning point of the game. For all intents and purposes, it was good night, Royals. There was no way the Royals were going to get to the Giants ace anymore after last night.

Bumgarner is why the Giants are in a position to win the World Series. He is an elite starter no one talks about in the media. He went 18-10 with a 2.98 ERA in 33 starts this season. He tends to be underrated in that regard.

All he has done is go 3-1 with a 1.40 ERA in five postseason starts. He had a scoreless streak of 21 1/3 innings after Salvador Perez ended it with a solo home run in the seventh inning to make this a 7-1 game.

It’s not just Bumgarner. The Giants have starters and relievers that know how to get strikes and outs when they have to. When they are in jams, they find a way to get out of it.

The Giants remind baseball fans of the Yankees in the Joe Torre dynasty years in the late 90s. All they do is find a way to win. They get timely hitting and great pitching. They put that in display last night, and they gave the Royals something to think about heading to tonight.

The Royals have their work cut out. We will find out how they respond tonight after their first loss of the postseason. A mark of a champion is handling adversity. The Giants have proven they can.

Now, we are going to find out what the Royals are all about tonight.

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Leslie Monteiro

Leslie Monteiro

Leslie is a contributor for Lightning Rod Sports. He covered high school sports in Bergen County out in North Jersey, and has written op-ed columns on sports such as Bleacher Report and NY Sports Digest.

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