Shayne’s Broncos Pre-Season Prediction

broncos preseasonWell dear readers, it is that time again. Once more I get to write about the Broncos and football. I owe apologizes to my loyal readers for not writing for so long. After the last Superbowl I found that I had gotten to ‘zymosan’ in the dictionary and it took a while to rewind that book and find new words. Alas, on to the show! Read More

Broncos Season Preview, Position Breakdowns, Game Predictions & More

IMG_22001088647810We’re finally at that time. Super Bowl 48 is about to officially become a thing of the past. Training camp and preseason has come and gone, the 53-man roster has been released, and we’re at the home stretch. The 2014-15 regular season for your Denver Broncos is about to begin. Read More

A Look Into The Broncos Future

brock broncosI know, I know, who cares about the future?! Peyton Manning is our quarterback and this is a “Super Bowl win or bust” season. However, it is preseason and we’re all desperately waiting for the start of the regular season. We have to care about the future at some point. So, why not take a look at the future of the Broncos roster while we have some time? Read More

Forget Calvin Johnson, This Is Demaryius Thomas’ Season

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I’ll start this article with a cliche. There are no sure things in football. We’ve all heard this before, but it’s painfully true. We could perform analyses on every piece of football data available, and still not know what will actually happen during the season. Read More