Monfort Can’t Wait For Spotlight To Focus On Broncos

Go away Monfort

This has not been two good weeks for beleaguered Rockies owner Dick Monfort. It started with him going off on couple of frustrated fans who ripped him in an email by saying they shouldn’t come and they don’t deserve a baseball team. Then, he managed to turn more Rockies fans off by saying he thinks his baseball management team is doing a good job. Finally, he told Rockies season ticketholder Christine Voss in a breakfast meeting that if he fires his baseball people, he is worried about breaking the Rockies’ culture (insert laugh track). Read More

Making Money Is What Matters To Monfort

(Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports)

(Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports)

The Rockies suffered their 15th loss in 17 games after a 3-2 loss to the Dodgers last night to start their nine-game homestand. They have won just four times in their past 17 games at Coors Field. The Rockies are on pace to lose 100 games. Despite all that, there was a sellout crowd last night at Coors Field. That’s a win for Rockies owner Dick Monfort. Read More

Road To 100 Losses Could Be Possibility For Rockies

(Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)

(Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)

Anyone that knows baseball understands this season is over for all intents and purposes for the Rockies. That team is bad enough that it’s hard to be optimistic, and it does not help they are plagued with injuries. After a forgettable 1-5 homestand, Rockies fans have to endure three more months of bad Rockies baseball after this week is over. Read More

Sooner Or Later, Weiss Has To Show He Can Lead

(Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports)

(Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports)

Walt Weiss sounded like a man that was fed up with the losing after the Rockies were swept by an awful Diamondbacks team last night in a 12-7 loss at Coors Field. He talked about guys needing to step up and how guys are not pressing since it’s their job. He was fed up with the excuses. If one did not know any better, he would have sounded like a Rockies fan than a Rockies manager.

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Same Old Rockies Syndrome Creeps In

(Ken Blaze -- USA Today Sports)

(Ken Blaze — USA Today Sports)

We haven’t completed the first week of June, and June swoon already started for the Rockies. Fresh from finishing a 2-7 road trip, the Rockies are not off to a great start in their 10-game homestand after taking a 4-2 loss last night to a terrible Diamondbacks team that has become a lost cause this season.  With the way it’s going for the Rockies, it won’t be long until they join their last night’s opponent in playing out the season. Read More