Unheralded Trades Does Nothing For Nuggets

(Chris Humphreys - USA TODAY Sports)

(Chris Humphreys – USA TODAY Sports)

It’s good to know Tim Connelly actually did something as the Nuggets general manager yesterday. He started his day by trading Evan Fournier and a second-round draft pick for Arron Afflalo, and he completed the evening by trading Doug McDermott (Denver’s 11th pick) and Anthony Randolph to the Bulls for Jusuf Nurkic (Chicago’s 16th pick), Gary Harris (Chicago’s 19th pick) and a future second rounder. Read More

Nothing Has Gone Right for Melo in New York

nuggets vs knicks melo 2

[Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report]

Oh, Melo. Silly Melo. This is what Carmelo Anthony gets for being a distraction in his final year as a Nugget few years ago. His missed shot that could have sent the game to overtime was karma for orchestrating his departure to New York few years ago. Instead, the Nuggets and their fans celebrated an ugly 97-95 victory over the Knicks last night. Read More