NHL games canceled through mid-January

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Well, the NHL lockout continues. The NHL announced the cancellation of more games on Thursday, this time through Jan. 14. It seems pretty bleak for any games to be played this year. And who knows when the game will ever get back on the ice. Seems pretty bleak to me.

With the players union seeming like it will file a disclaimer of interest in order to dissolve the union which will send the whole ordeal to court to deem whether or not the lockout is legal, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up if I were any fan out there. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has already said that any less than a 48-game season is unacceptable. That means that the season would have to get started sometime around mid-January to avoid an unacceptable season. With games already canceled through Jan. 14th, the NHL and NHLPA better get talking soon to save any chance they have at a season this year.

Anthony Rodriguez

Anthony Rodriguez

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