Rockies Still Draw Fans To Coors

Rockies fans

Never mind the Rockies are 1-3. Never mind  they showed they are a flawed baseball team after watching them for four games. Never mind the Rockies bullpen stinks. Never mind the Rockies are not as good as one thinks.

The Rockies will sell out their home opener this afternoon at Coors Field. They should also have a nice crowd for the entire six-game homestand.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Opening Day draws big crowd at any Major League ballpark, and Rockies fans are loyal to a fault.

The Rockies always will draw well. They may not sellout like they used to going back to their first seven years of their existence, but people still go. The Rockies drew 2.7 million last year, and that was good enough to be in the Top 10 for home attendance in Major League Baseball.

For Rockies fans , it’s about enjoying the gameday experience or being out in the town. Going to Coors is a nice communal experience with the amenities and  atmosphere that surround the ballpark.

The surroundings and environment of Coors Field is what Rockies owner Dick Monfort likes to sell to the fans, and fans buy into it. To Monfort’s credit, he has done a great job of making Coors Field a great place to watch baseball despite the stadium being 19 years old.

It would be nice if the Rockies would deliver a product that fans can be proud of when they go to Coors Field. That has been tough for the organization to do in their history, but it’s not for a lack of trying. The Rockies spent money to get free agents in Justin Morneau and Latroy Hawkins this offseason, and they acquired Jordan Lyles and Brett Anderson to provide pitching depth.

The Rockies fans realize how hard Monfort has worked on making the team better, so they have no reason to boycott the team by not showing up to games.

Rockies fans shouldn’t apologize for going to Coors Field. What they do is their choice. If they want to enjoy their time at Coors, more power to them. It’s their money. No one should tell them what to do with their money or their time.  They should have the opportunity to enjoy life after working hard at their occupations.

Besides boycotting doesn’t do much. Monforts will not fire his baseball people based on what fans will tell him to do. Also, other team’s fanbases will sell out Coors Field, especially Giants fans and Dodgers fans when their teams come to town. That’s why it’s counterproductive for Rockies fans to boycott.

Give Rockies fans credit for showing up to Coors Field year after year despite the team playing bad baseball year after year. There’s something to be said about being loyal to a bad franchise.  It shows the fanbase cares. That’s why the Rockies make it a point to thank fans year after year for supporting a bad product. That’s why Monfort makes it a point to be as transparent as he can when it comes to talking about his baseball team.

It’s not like Rockies fans are indifferent if their team loses often. They get upset on social media after losses. The bullpen gets ripped often, and Walt Weiss is always questioned when it comes to his managerial moves.

Despite frustration year after year, it does not deter Rockies fans from going. It shows they have hometown pride. They know it’s a privilege to have Major League Baseball in Denver after not seeing it for many decades. They know watching baseball at the park is better than nothing.

Instead of being ridiculed, Rockies fans should be commended for supporting. It’s not easy to pay for a family of four on a night out. It’s not easy making the drive to Denver.

It would be nice if the Rockies fans stood for a cause, but that’s not ideal. Going to a ballpark should be a haven for anyone that has gone through a grind in life or at work. Going to a ballpark should be a fun experience. No one should be denied of that even if the Rockies give a reason for fans not to go.

The Rockies will continue to try to reward their fans by putting on a winning product.

That’s good enough for Rockies fans, and that’s why they will continue to congregate at Coors Field year after year.

Don’t expect Rockies fans to apologize to show up no matter what people think.

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Leslie Monteiro

Leslie Monteiro

Leslie is a contributor for Lightning Rod Sports. He covered high school sports in Bergen County out in North Jersey, and has written op-ed columns on sports such as Bleacher Report and NY Sports Digest.

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