Shayne’s AFC Championship Pick! NFC? Who Cares!

afc champI’ve done homework in a bar but never wrote a column, here goes. Straight up, we have the Broncos playing the Patriots at 1:00 pm on Sunday and if I have to tell you the channel it’s on, you’re not a fan anyway. Who’s going to win?

So who wins, well I’m here to tell ya. Lots of sports radio is calling this a shootout. I may be the only one that disagrees, granted I’m 1 for 280 in my picks but who’s counting, besides my bookie. Speaking of, I have money on this game, I believe that much.

This game comes down to the same thing that all NFL games come down to. The fat guys down in the middle protecting their quarterback. Take a look at the stats. Manning has been sacked 20 times this year, that’s a single game for Cutler. The Patriots offensive line has given up twice that. 40 sacks and 81 quarterback hits. Most of those in the second half of the season due to injuries. Manning has been hit 47 times, only the Bengals have less QB hits in the league. That’s what wins games.

Let’s flip it, the defensive line. The Broncos are third in the league against the rush. The Patriots are dead last. 134 yard per game of rushing yards given up where as the Broncos at 101 yards is a crusher. Granted you can’t give the defense all the credit, when you’re down by 30 points you don’t run the ball.

I couldn’t be a media wench without writing about the quarterbacks. You may have heard about them, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Now Tommy had a pretty damn good year, 25 touchdowns to eleven interceptions, 4,343 yards and a 60% completion ratio. Not too bad for him, almost as good as my NFL career but of course we know all about what Manning did this year. Easily the best year ANY quarterback has ever had. EVER! Don’t argue with me on this. I’m right and you’re not. If you don’t believe me you’re a Raider fan and with that, I would like to take a second and thank the Broncos for letting me witness the greatest offensive team of all time. (So far). It was a beautiful season to behold and hitting a 50 spot against Dallas always makes my year. What a great year it is.

But y’all don’t care about any of that, you want my pick. I’m taking the Broncos any laying the points. I don’t think it’s a shootout like everybody else is predicting.

Broncos, 48-24.

As for the NFC game, who cares? Denver beats them in two weeks.

Shayne Sharpe

Shayne Sharpe

Shayne is a Colorado native with a life love of sports. He's been studying and loving this state and their teams for four decades.

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2 Responses to Shayne’s AFC Championship Pick! NFC? Who Cares!

  1. Leslie MonteiroLeslie Monteiro says:

    This was your best writing ever, and you have wrote good things for this excellent site, Shayne. I love your ability to mix in humor and facts when you write. That’s hard to do. You wrote great points on why you feel the Broncos win, and you did it with facts and research. Great job!

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