The Serge Effect, What Ibaka Brings to Thunder

ibakaThe Oklahoma City Thunder stands no chance of beating the San Antonio Spurs without Serge Ibaka. This fact was made crystal clear during the first two meetings of the two teams. Ibaka’s essence to OKC was shown through his absence. In game 3, the hyper athletic forward returned to action to change the course of the series, as the Thunder got their first victory in the 2014 Western Conference Finals. The Ibaka Effect will now continue to make the Thunder’s road towards the NBA Finals a bit easier and here are the top 3 benefits OKC receives out of Ibaka’s presence. Read More

What Manziel Can Do For The Browns

manziel brownsThe Cleveland Browns are a team that is in a heavy rebuilding phase. Right now, they have done a great job of drafting a very skilled group of rookies, they have one of the best cornerback pairings in the NFL, and if Josh Gordon is playing, he arguably the best receiver in the game. Though all of these are bright sports for the Cleveland Browns, all the hype from fans and NFL analysts is surrounding newly drafted QB Johnny “Football” Manziel. In early draft predictions, Manziel was projected to go first overall; however, after some updated scouting report and some draft day surprises, he fell all the way to 22nd. Read More

Top Two NFL Match-Ups for the 2014 Season

peyton wilsonThe 2014 NFL season will shape up to be awesome as usual. That is no shocker for a league that has parity, a draft to give teams hope, and free agency that genuinely helps franchises get to the top quickly. The schedule was just released a few weeks ago and the draft will wrap up shortly, as the main rounds are now over. We have a clear picture of what games will be the ones to catch next year in the NFL. Read More

NFL Draft: Draft Bust Predictions

lewanHave you taken time to see the new movie ‘Draft Day’ starring Kevin Costner? This fictional account of the activities of the NFL Draft has created some buzz this off season and is an entertaining anticipation of the upcoming real draft in May. However, the movie brings to light an interesting topic that surfaces with every NFL Draft: Who is a true player and who could be revealed as a ‘poser’ seeking a big payout on an NFL contract, but will become a financial liability? Read More

NBA Playoffs Updates – Who is winning, Who is losing

bulls vs wizWe are almost a week into the 2014 NBA Playoffs and we have already seen a bunch of surprises. Only two of the teams which entered the first round of the postseason with a home court advantage, the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami heat, continue to hold it. We’ve already seen some underdogs making their presence felt and we can say that we are anything but certain about which the teams which will get the ticket to the next round will be. Let’s see who is winning, who is losing at the moment in either conference. Read More

2014 NFL Draft: Comparing The Top QBs

combo picYou know that the 2014 draft talk has jumped the shark when you have a mainstream website comparing the draftable quarterbacks to fictional QBs. I am not sure that comparison was necessary…actually I am just jealous that I did not think of it first. Be that as it may, I do want to take a look at the top quarterbacks that are about to be drafted and compare them, not to movie characters, but to each other. Read More

2014 NBA Championship Sleepers

NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Milwaukee BucksThe Oklahoma City Thunder, the Miami Heat, the San Antonio Spurs, the Indiana Pacers and the Los Angeles Clippers are the top favorites for the title this season. It’s widely expected that two of those five teams will square off against each other during the NBA Finals. Nonetheless, there are some dark horses in this race. Those underdogs could really make the difference and they could surprise the NBA world by eliminating one of the Big Five of the league. Let’s see which those underdogs are. Read More