Broncos Sign Jeremy Mincey, Other NFL Notes

jeremy minceyToday the Denver Bronco’s signed defensive lineman, Jeremy Mincey from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Mincey in his eighth year out of Florida, had his best years in Jacksonville when Jack Del Rio was the head coach there.

At 6’4”, 265 lbs., he has 20 sacks and six forced fumbles with one interception. Sources say the Mincey purposely missed team meetings in Jacksonville to force them to release his contract.  This year he has 14 tackles and two sacks in eight games (he also missed three games with a concussion and was benched a game for missing another meeting).

The Broncos’ defensive line has been decimated by injuries lately.  Missing two starters in Kevin Vickerson, who dislocated his hip, is already on season-ending injured reserve and Derek Wolfe’s return is starting to become unknown. Although has returned to the weight room and limited rehab training. Wolfe suffered seizure symptoms on the team bus on Nov. 29.

Pretty good pickup by the Broncos. Mincey can play immediately, without worrying too much about the plays and schemes.  Any defensive line player across the league is generally the same. Hit the fat guy in front of you to get to the little guy with the ball. In the next two pointless games, the Broncos can throw him out there and get him adjusted to Broncos football.

Other NFL notes;

eli manningEli Manning just threw five picks with zero touchdowns and under 200 yards of passing in the loss to the Seahawks. A feat only accomplished by Mark Sanchez in his abominable, ‘butt tackle’ game.   It’s time to start the kid, Curtis Painter. Might as well see what the four year veteran backup has in him. Eli and Bob can go play golf.

redskinsWashington Redskins daily drama continues to grow with RGIII’s FATHER getting into the fray.  In recent weeks, according to two sources close to the situation, the elder Griffin has politicked Dan Snyder to hire Baylor coach Art Briles, who coached the younger Griffin to a Heisman Trophy, to replace Shanahan. Yes you read that right, his DADDY!! Speaking of father and sons. Rumors now have it that Kyle Shanahan no longer wants to work for his papa. The younger Shanahan supposedly would like to try the college ranks and spread his wings on his own. Don’t be surprised if the older Shanahan retains the head coaching position in Washington.  Both sides are posturing to avoid losing the $7.5 million owed to Mike on the last year of his contract in 2014.  Snyder would rather make him coach his last year rather than eat that money. Stay tuned for more ‘As the Washington Racist’s Turns’.

cowboy clownsHard to imaging all the ‘Must Win’ games that ‘Just Lost’. Denver, New England, Philadelphia, New Orleans and of course the clowns that are the Cowboys. Jerry Jones may be the worst owner in the NFL. He continually puts out just awful teams year after year and he really believes they are going to win the Super Bowl every year. Be a bit realistic will ya. The Cowboys won’t win this year, next year or the year after that. Give it up and blow it up.

unemploymentSpeaking of nonperformance, looks like Jason Garrett will be looking for work next year. Dennis Allen of the Raiders, with his very strange quarterback decisions is another goner. The Titans Mike Munchak is absolutely gone. Actually, most of Tennessee’s employees are likely fired. That team is cleaning house in the offseason. If the Lion’s don’t make the playoffs, you will find Jim Schwartz in the unemployment line as well.

Shayne Sharpe

Shayne Sharpe

Shayne is a Colorado native with a life love of sports. He's been studying and loving this state and their teams for four decades.

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