Fox Should Be Remembered Fondly

(Chris Humphreys/USA Today Sports)

(Chris Humphreys/USA Today Sports)

John Fox started off his week by being fired by the Broncos as their head coach and he finished the week by being hired by the Bears to be their head coach. Talk about rebounding quickly after a few days. Anyone would love to be Fox in getting a job quickly.

Fox becomes the first coach in recent history to coach three different NFL teams. It’s rare that happens to NFL coaches in this day and age. That’s what happens when he has a great resume in coaching two Super Bowls and taking his teams to the playoffs often. The Bears hired a coach that would provide them a direction on how to win again.

Good for him for bouncing back. He’s a good man, and he’s a good coach. He should be remembered fondly by Broncomaniacs, not being ridiculed as Broncos fans did yesterday on Twitter.

Look, he should not be in the Broncos’ Ring of Fame. He did not stay that long to be considered. With that said, this wasn’t Josh McDaniels, either. This was a head coach that brought winning days again after McDaniels was overmatched as Broncos coach. This was a head coach that inspired trust from his players. He did everything right overall.

Yes, he did not win a championship. He also never made adjustments when it came to gameday coaching. That was his weakness, and that’s why it was understandable if Broncos boss John Elway wanted to try someone else as coach after four years. He saw Fox took them as high as he could as coach. He knew this team will have to start all over again with a new head coach.

Being fired does not make Fox a failure. Not winning a championship does not make him a failure, either. A coach is a failure if he lost his players and made his team one of the worst teams in football. That would be McDaniels, not Fox.

Fans have short memories. They forgot how bad the Broncos were when Fox took over. Players wanted out of Denver. Guys never developed as players. It was chaos.

There’s no question Elway played a role in turning the franchise around, but he also needed a head coach to help him create a winning culture. That’s where he got it right in hiring Fox. That’s where the new Bears coach should be commended for helping the Broncos go from Point A to Point C, which they became a bad team to a Super Bowl runner-up. There should be something to be said to that.

It’s amusing when fans call Fox a horrible coach. This is called losing perspective when reading such comments like that on social media.

This idea Fox mailed it in on Sunday as coach is also ridiculous. What coach would not try hard to win a game? He is not going to shortchange his players by caring less. His players play for him, and last thing he is going to do is not work hard. That’s called stupidity.

Just because Fox may have lined up a coaching job with the Bears through back channels does not mean he didn’t prepare his team well or coach his team well. The Broncos lost because their quarterback stunk, not because of coaching. They had no shot of winning after Peyton Manning played with a strained quad that he suffered Dec. 14 against the Chargers.

And so what if Fox was looking at other jobs. Anyone would do the same if he or she was in his position. He knew he had to win the Super Bowl for him to be back as coach. He is doing what’s best for himself. It’s the American way. It shouldn’t be a crime.

The fact Elway thought highly of Fox after he fired his head coach should be enough for anyone to think he was a good coach.

Unfortunately, fans judge a head coach’s worth on championships. That’s an insane way of thinking.

It’s okay to say Fox is a good coach, but most Broncos fans saying he was a terrible head coach is ridiculous. It’s sad life to live by thinking this way.

Fox conducted himself with integrity in his four years as Broncos coach. He gave the team good days. He had the respect of his players, and it showed when the players praised him to a man and coach on their Twitter page after he was fired. What coaches get that sendoff? There should be something to be said for that.

For some Denver media members to mock him, that’s wrong. Same with the fans.

It’s too bad he wasn’t appreciated.

He deserved better than being mocked by Broncos Country.

Maybe Chicagoans will appreciate him more if he saves their sorry team that he will be coaching.

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Leslie Monteiro

Leslie Monteiro

Leslie is a contributor for Lightning Rod Sports. He covered high school sports in Bergen County out in North Jersey, and has written op-ed columns on sports such as Bleacher Report and NY Sports Digest.

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