Hiring Of Kubiak Does Not Make Sense

(Phil Sears- USA Today Sports)

(Phil Sears- USA Today Sports)

John Elway fired John Fox last week after he felt his head coach was not good enough to take the Broncos to a championship level. He saw enough of his head coach to have that conviction after four years.

Fair enough.

Fox was not great when it came to making adjustments during the game. The Broncos were often unprepared under him. That was enough for Elway to make a change and seek someone who is better. Still, one has to wonder how Gary Kubiak is any better.

The Broncos made the official announcement of hiring Kubiak as their next head coach yesterday, and the presser took place today.

Before I question this hiring, it’s fair to point out the good things he has to offer for the Broncos.

There’s no question the one-time Broncos offensive coordinator was hired for his work on offense, not to mention Elway only trust him of all the coaching candidates out there. It also helps that the new coach is the lackey of the Broncos boss going back to their playing days with the Broncos.

Kubiak develop running backs that rush for 1,000 yards under a zone-blocking scheme. Look at what he did with guys like Terrell Davis, Olandis Gray, Mike Anderson, Clinton Portis, Reuben Droughns, Steve Slater, Arian Foster and Justin Forsett. That should make Broncos running back C.J. Anderson salivating at the thought of being a 1,000-yard rusher under his new coach.

Plus, Kubiak’s zone-block offense could help Brock Osweiler as a quarterback. It’s clear the Broncos backup quarterback’s strength is to run the ball rather than throw, and that’s where he can be successful. From reading between the lines with this hire, it will be all Anderson all the time when we watch the Broncos on offense next season.

The Broncos will contend in the AFC West under the former Texans head coach.

Kubiak and Elway will share the same philosophy on how to build a team and run a team. It’s important a football boss and a head coach are on the same page, which was a problem in the end with Fox and the Broncos boss.

With that said, this is an uninspired hire. This is a safe choice at best. This does not sound like a head coach that subscribes to the Super Bowl or bust edict Elway has brought out.

Maybe Elway knows the Broncos are not good enough to win the Super Bowl, so he figures he would hire a lackey to be the team’s placeholder for the next two years. That’s a message that can be perceived with this hire. If that’s the case, then it’s a great hire.

But Elway shouldn’t insult anyone’s intelligence about how he wants a coach who can coach better and have these guys fired up. Kubiak does not fit the criterion that is set by the Broncos boss. He is a nice conservative coach at best.

Another problem with Kubiak being the head coach is it may be the end of Peyton Manning with the Broncos. It’s hard to believe the Broncos quarterback is a fit in Kubiak’s offense. This is a quarterback that likes to throw often.

If he was unhappy handing the ball to Anderson last month under Fox, why would he be thrilled to do the same under Kubiak? Remember the new Broncos coach did not want him in Houston because their style did not mesh.

It’s hard to believe Kubiak would change his offense to placate Manning after he has had success with it as offensive coordinator and head coach. It would be foolish for him to deviate from what he does best. It wouldn’t work for Manning if the Broncos made him run his new coach’s offense.

The Broncos should have hired a head coach that would work with Manning. The Broncos quarterback gives the Broncos their best chance to win the division than Osweiler. It’s hard to believe the Broncos backup quarterback will amount to anything in the NFL.

Osweiler can run, but he can’t throw. Last I check, teams win the Super Bowl with a quarterback that puts prolific numbers with a strong arm.

It remains to be seen if Osweiler will be serviceable enough to win games. That’s why it’s amusing to read that some Broncos fans want Manning gone. The Broncos will not be any better if their quarterback retires or move on to another team.

If anything, the Broncos should draft another quarterback or find a quarterback that can throw and be a fit in Kubiak’s offense.

Who knows if Kubiak wants to be a head coach? He has health problems to begin with, and last I check, being a head coach results to stress and so many work hours. This does not seem like the lifestyle he wants. He is content working with quarterbacks and running backs. It will be interesting if he has the stomach to handle the responsibility.

It’s one thing to say yes to Elway, but it’s another to handle a pressure cooker.

Kubiak will get a mulligan for two years, but the pressure of winning it all will happen or he will be fired if the Broncos have losing seasons in his first two years.

There are too many questions about this hire. Maybe Kubiak proves me wrong. If I had a say who is the next Broncos head coach, it would be Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who is more of a progressive coach that will take risks such as trick plays and going at it on 4th and 1.

My opinion does not matter much.

Elway’s counts.

Let’s hope he knows what he got himself into in hiring a crony as coach.

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Leslie Monteiro

Leslie Monteiro

Leslie is a contributor for Lightning Rod Sports. He covered high school sports in Bergen County out in North Jersey, and has written op-ed columns on sports such as Bleacher Report and NY Sports Digest.

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