Shayne’s Broncos Pre-Season Prediction

broncos preseasonWell dear readers, it is that time again. Once more I get to write about the Broncos and football. I owe apologizes to my loyal readers for not writing for so long. After the last Superbowl I found that I had gotten to ‘zymosan’ in the dictionary and it took a while to rewind that book and find new words. Alas, on to the show!

A disclaimer here, I have not read Anthony’s preview of the Broncos season for fear of inadvertently stealing his words. Granted he’s a better writer than me and better looking but this is mine and mine alone. I steal the old fashion way, off the internet.

rsz_1996_broncosCall me Ishmael, I have the Broncos undefeated this year. Yes I know I’m crazy and I know the bourbon gets to me from time to time but they are that good, on paper. Luckily as a media wrench, winch, wench, I get to have caveats on my predictions. The best Broncos team on paper was the 1996 team that lost to the Jaguars in the playoffs. Elway, TD, Sharpe, McCaffrey, Smith were amazing by themselves but the Offensive Line of Infante, Habib, McElroy, Nalen, Schlereth, Tamm, Thompson and Zimmerman was one of the greatest of all time. Now look at their DL, Lodish, Michael Dean Perry, Alfred Williams, Dan Williams with Linebackers of Keith Burns, Cadrez, John Mobley and Romo in his juice days. Damn that was a hell of a team, ten probowlers and a simple ‘Too Many Men’ penalty cost them the Superbowl but we’re not going to name names. Ahem.

This year you know the roster, you know who’s starting. You know it’s the best quarterback the Bronco’s have ever had. You know it’s the best duo pass rush in Bronco’s history and this offensive line has one guaranteed HOFer and another possible. There will be little rubs and disappointment but overall this is the best team the Broncos have ever assembled.

DeMarcus Ware, Terrance KnightonThey say you can’t go back to yesterday because you were a different person then but let’s go back anyway. Last year the Broncos pass rush was abysmal to say the least. They ranked 22nd in points given up, 16th in turnovers and 19th in yards given up. My first impulse is to share good news, my second is to club you with it so I give you Aqib Talib, DeMarcus Ware, Bradley Roby, Sylvester Williams, T.J. Ward and Vonnie B’Vsean Miller who has dropped 15 pounds and kicked the doobie habit. Every one of these men could be pro-bowlers this year. Granted, that’s all the Broncos have. If these boys go down with injuries the depth at defensive line is rather scrawny. Who the hell wants to write about ‘what if’ injuries so on the offense.

Last year the Broncos moved toward as well as away from something, and this year anything is possible. The greatest offense in the history of the league. First ever to eclipse the 600 point mark, only human to ever have five MVP awards, The offense fought till the last gasp of the Superbowl and they still improved this year. Monte Ball came in to replace Moreno, Ball is a little more explosive and durable with a better chance to score near the goal line. I could easily foresee 1,200 rushing yards and 300 more receiving yards for the young back. Emmanuel

Emmanuel Sanders, Cody LatimerSanders, Cody Latimer, Demaryius Tomas, Julius Thomas and whenever Wes Welker gets back, the Broncos are stacked with targets for Manning to throw to. With the running game being better I don’t see Peyton eclipsing the 55 touchdown mark but who knows? Maybe he’ll break the 60 touchdown mark.

Once again it all comes down to winning the Superbowl. That’s it and that’s all. With Mr. Bowlen going down, it may be a rallying call for the team. I haven’t seen that too much yet but could be. As always, Peyton is getting older, he’s almost my age now and he’s only got a year or two before he hangs it up might as well go out with perfection.

Shayne Sharpe

Shayne Sharpe

Shayne is a Colorado native with a life love of sports. He's been studying and loving this state and their teams for four decades.

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