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shayne sharpe bio pic 3Tom Brady’s wife, Rockies pick-up of LaTroy Hawkins, the Prince Fielder mega-trade, the purchase of a cheap Walmart coat, and Broncos-Patriots talk. The topics for tonight’s Wednesday musings.


  • Is it just me or does Tom Brady and his wife have the same masculine jawline?


  • The Rockies pickup of LaTroy Hawkins isn’t a bad signing. Cheap 2.5 million, one year salary. Lifetime ERA of 4.37 with last year a very nice 2.93, large workload at 70.2 innings pitched with 55 strike outs and only 10 walks. That’s 5.5 strike outs to walks. To put that in perspective, the Rockies Matt Belisle posted a 73 innings pitched with a 4.32 ERA, 15 walks and 76 hits. That’s a 4.13 strike out to walk ratio. Hawkins is a veteran at 41 years of age when spring training rolls around and has 19 years in the league. On top of all that, he’s already pitched at Coor’s Field in 2007 and threw a respectable 3.42 ERA that year. All in all, a nice little pick up for the Rockies that will do utterly nothing to actually improve this team. As always the Rockies don’t have a legitimate Ace and number two starting pitchers, along with atrocious leadership this team remains weak and 10 games under. Bottom of the NL West once again.


  • At 29 years old and still on a nine year $214 million contract, Prince Fielder is another example of a long term mega contract bust. A-Rod of course is THE prime example, along with; Chone Figgins, Jason Bay, Gary Matthews, Jr., Oliver Perez and Julio Lugo should be enough to scare any GM from signing huge free agents. Look at Saint Louis or the Athletics of late. They lose a guy to free agency and they just keep trucking along. Making playoff after playoffs.


  • When your lovely girlfriend buys you a cheap ass Walmart Coat so you don’t get your nice new Carhartt coat dirty on a jobsite, you don’t shake your head and say, “Honey, I brought the damn Carhartt TO GET DIRTY ON A JOBSITE!!” Not to mention that a Carhartt will actually keep a man warm, whereas the cheap ass Dickie lets wind blow threw it like a $8.34 meth hooker on Colfax. Just saying, man to man, if this situation arises for you and you handle it like I did, you will start calling it, ‘No Nookie Wednesday.’

    tale of the tape

  • The Bronco’s can get beat this Sunday. I expect it to be a shoot-out and NOBODY beats the Patriot’s at home, especially after a New England loss on the road. (It’s only been done twice since Bill Belichick took over as head coach.) Alas, I digress as this is my topic for tomorrow’s column. Let me know your thoughts on the Bronco’s/Patriots game…
Shayne Sharpe

Shayne Sharpe

Shayne is a Colorado native with a life love of sports. He's been studying and loving this state and their teams for four decades.

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