NFL Week One Spreads

nfl spreadI am going to try and start a new segment here for all the people out there that like to make NFL Sunday a little more interesting.  I am going to give my 3-5 favorite betting lines of the week and hopefully they turn out well.
1. Cincinnati (+3) at Chicago

I just think Cincinnati is a better team overall than Chicago, and even though the game is being played in Chicago, Cincy should be able to win this game out right.  The Dalton to AJ Green connection was looking really good last year and I think that trend continues into 2013.  Also, Cincinnati’s defense has improved and should give Jay Cutler some problems.

2. Indianapolis (-10) vs. Oakland

I usually like to stay away from the larger spreads because if the underdog just keeps it close or has a garbage time touchdown it can ruin the bet.  However Oakland just has not done much to impress me this offseason and preseason to think that they can keep up with Indy especially on the road.  Indy should win by a couple of touchdowns as long as nothing crazy happens in the 4th quarter.

3.  Tampa Bay (-3.5) at New York Jets

This spread seems low for a Jets team that has looked absolutely terrible and has a rookie starter that probably should not be starting as of now.   I know Tampa Bay is not a top tier team in the NFL but they should be able to take down the Jets by at least a touchdown by riding Doug Martin.  If Josh Freeman can put last year behind him and play like he did a couple weeks ago this game should be a lock.

4. Kansas City (-3.5) at Jacksonville

I actually like this game better if Blaine Gabbert can start this game because I believe they are a better team with Chad Henne at quarterback.  Also, Justin Blackmon is suspended so they are without one of their top targets and will have to rely that much more on Maurice Jones Drew.  Another thing is that Kansas City has improved greatly by adding Alex Smith so now Dwayne Bowe has a quarterback that can get him the ball on a regular basis.  This can also open the middle up for Jamaal Charles to get some big runs.

5. New York Giants at Dallas (over 49.5)

This is a very big number for an over/under but usually these games produce big numbers.  Of their last six matchups, four of them have surpassed this number and I believe that this can very well happen again.  It would not shock me if this game reached the mid 60s with a 34-31 game with each quarterback throwing for well over 300 yards and multiple touchdowns.


Josh Sisco

Josh Sisco

Josh was born and raised in Westerly, Rhode Island. He graduated from Western New England university with a degree in accounting. He's a huge fan of almost every sport (including golf and NASCAR), and a personal fan of Red Sox, Cowboys, and Mavericks.

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