Why Kevin Love Should Join Kobe and The Lakers

kevin loveIt’s a common secret that there exists a flirt between the Los Angeles Lakers and Kevin Love. The 25 – year old superstar forward has hinted that he would love to play in the City of Angeles and the Los Angeles Lakers have already made it clear they are interested in his talents. So, should Kevin Love choose to join the Lakers and play alongside Kobe Bryant? And how can this happen?

A marriage between Love and the Lakers makes total sense. LA is desperately seeking for another superstar to place alongside Kobe Bryant and Love wants out of Minnesota. He wants to have a chance to be a part of a winning organization, he wants to have a chance to win a championship ring.

The big issue is that at the moment, the Los Angeles Lakers can’t acquire Love. The versatile forward will have the option to become an unrestricted free agent no sooner than the summer of 2015. However, the Minnesota Timberwolves have been actively trying to trade him away and get something in return, instead of risking losing him next summer for nothing. But the Lakers don’t have anything to offer as an exchange to the Wolves, so a trade can’t go down between the two teams. The only possibility for the Lakers to acquire Love is to wait for another year and try to sign him as a free agent.

Now, when it comes to the compatibility of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Love, the two superstars seem to be capable of forming a powerful one – two punch for the Lakers. In fact, Kobe is used to having a dominant big man on his side. Of course, Love is not the type of big man Pau Gasol was when he was in his prime, or Shaquille O’Neal when he won multiple championships together with Kobe. However, Love will be another big threat for the Lakers to use alongside Kobe. He can combine with the Black Mamba on offense, playing the pick and roll or the pick and pop and he will also upgrade the rebounding aspect of the Lakers’ game.

The City of Angles is an ideal destination for Kevin Love and the chances we see him wearing the purple and yellow will increase if the Minnesota Timberwolves fail to find a way to trade him away this summer. If Love spends the next season with the Wolves and if the Lakers don’t manage to land a difference – making star like Carmelo Anthony this summer, then the interest between the two sides will grow.

Of course, if Love comes to LA next summer, Kobe Bryant will be 37 years old before the two superstars get the chance to play their first game together. What this means is that the window for those two to win a championship together will be closing. So, Love will have a chance to play alongside Kobe but he will be gradually emerging as the next franchise player for the Lakers, too.

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Ron Leyba

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