Why The Spurs Will Win This Championship Series

BKN SPURS HEATThe 2014 NBA Finals are about to start and this is expected to be a very intense and highly competitive series. The San Antonio Spurs will try to take revenge, to redeem themselves after a devastating elimination in 2013. Chances are, they will succeed this time. Let’s examine the top reasons why the San Antonio Spurs will be the ones to raise the Larry O’Brien trophy this year.

First of all, the Spurs deeply know that this might be their last chance as a group to win the championship. Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili could decide to retire next season and this will be the end of a very successful era for the Spurs. Despite their age, the Spurs are playing as well as any other team in the league and they have been doing so throughout the season. The Spurs seem to have found the path to the fountain of youth and they just keep coming stronger and stronger each time they are on the court.

So, at least for now, age doesn’t seem to be a disadvantage for San Antonio. On the contrary, the Spurs are using their age to their advantage. They are using their veteran presence to correct all their mistakes, fill their holes and read the opponent. That’s how they managed to knock the much younger and more athletic Oklahoma City Thunder out of the competition in the Western Conference Finals. That’s how they managed to stay at the top of the Western Conference and set a new franchise record for most victories in a row during the regular season.

A matchup in which the Spurs hold the obvious advantage, one that could the key to success in this series is the one between Tim Duncan and Chris Bosh. Duncan will go down in history as the best power forward to ever play the game while on the other hand, Chris Bosh is not even a power forward. He is a power shooting guard. Duncan can kill the Heat inside. Miami doesn’t have the size, the bulk or the defensive talent to stop Duncan. On top of that, Duncan and Parker are arguably the best duo in the league when it comes to playing the pick and roll. Whilst Miami traps all pick and rolls and adjusts its defense in such situations, Duncan can still do much damage to his opponents, as he can either roll to the basket or pop to receive the ball and hit a mid – range jumper. Last year, the Heat managed to keep Duncan out of his game in most of the meetings of the series. However, the 38 – year old future Hall of Famer is ready to redeem himself.

The Spurs are a much deeper team than the Heat. In fact, San Antonio’s secondary unit of Marco Belinelli, Boris Diaw, Patty Mills and Manu Ginobili seems to be capable of outplaying Miami’s reserves by a big margin.

One major difference in comparison to the 2013 NBA Finals is that the Spurs will now be the team which will hold the home court advantage. So, if the series gets extended to seven games, the last meeting will be in front of San Antonio’s home crowd. The Spurs have been fighting all season long to clinch the home court advantage and now it’s the time to taste the harvest of their efforts. Will this be the Spurs’ year? Will this be the time they win their fifth – and maybe last one under this core – NBA Championship?

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Ron Leyba

Ron Leyba

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