Will Chris Bosh be the Reason Why the Heat Will Three-Peat?


(Miami Herald)

The Miami Heat have nothing to fear when LeBron James is at his best right? They seem invincible when James reaches his top performance. However, LeBron alone can’t beat the elite teams in the NBA. He always needs some support. Chris Bosh has been a major contributor for the defending champs and his essence to the Heat’s three – peat push is big.

This was clearly exposed in Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals and in fact, the difference was made crystal clear in Game 2, when the Return of the King lifted the Heat over the San Antonio Spurs.

Some analysts point out that when Chris Bosh is playing well, the entire Miami Heat team is doing the same. And it’s true. Due to the lack of size and quality inside, Bosh is the only player who can step up and make the difference out of the Heat’s entire front line. Whether he’s playing defense or knocking down his jumpers, Bosh’s contributions have a big impact in the result of the game.

One aspect of Bosh’s game that has been dramatically improved is his three – point shooting. Bosh has now become a big threat from beyond the arc and that helps the Heat stretch the opposing defense. More importantly, Bosh is usually guarded by opposing centers or power forwards, who have the tendency of closing into the paint and providing assistance to the perimeter defenders. That’s when Bosh finds himself open and if he receives the ball for an open three, especially in the corner, he most usually sinks it. It’s notable that CB is shooting 43.3 percent from beyond the three – point line up to now in the postseason.

Another important fact about Bosh is that he is a very clutch player, although most of the times he doesn’t receive that much of a credit. Ray Allen hit the season-saving three – pointer in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals but Chris Bosh was the one to grab that ultra-clutch rebound which led to the Allen three – pointer. Of course, this wasn’t the only case in which Bosh delivered in clutch situations. Even in Game 2of this year’s NBA Finals Bosh made the right play with just seconds left in the game, when he drove to the basket and then passed to Wade for a victory – sealing layup.

Erik Spoelstra admitted that Chris Bosh is the most important member of the Miami Heat. And he is right. Of course, LeBron still gets the most credit and he absolutely deserves it. However, Chris Bosh is another big weapon of the Heat’s arsenal, one that sometimes gets underrated or overshadowed by the two nuclear warheads the defending champs possess, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

So, when it comes to three – peating, Chris Bosh will certainly be a key. In fact, he has been a factor for the Heat throughout this effort and he continues to silence his critics with his tremendous outputs.

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Ron Leyba

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