Beating by Wyoming Could Give CSU Repercussions

Bad loss to WyomingGood thing the game was not televised in the Rocky Mountains. Unless a CSU fan actually watched this game through a stream on the Internet, there was nothing to see. It was tough to watch from a CSU perspective.

Wyoming did whatever they want against CSU. They made shots, defended well, made free throws and dunked. CSU did not know what hit them. The game was all but over at halftime.

Wyoming outplayed, outworked and outcoached CSU all night long in their 59-48 victory last night at the Arena-Auditorium.

It shouldn’t have been surprising CSU lost since Wyoming is a great home team, but it should be surprising how bad they played last night. It’s rare they ever play this bad.

CSU players had no answers to what went wrong in that game. They were as stunned as anyone at how the game turned out. They did not anticipate that.

They figured basketball is a series of runs, and they would make their run late in the game. It never happened. They struggled to shoot in the second half based on the amount of airballs they shot.

The problem with coming from behind is they have to shoot threes just to cut the deficit. More often, they miss than making it in. That was the case with CSU. J.J. Avila and Daniel Bejarano shot from downtown with nothing to show for it.

It was a questionable strategy by those two. With so much time left in the game, they were better off creating points in the paint or trying to make a three-point play. That’s how a team erases the deficit.

There was no question outside shooting was CSU’s downfall. They missed 22 of 25 shots from three-point range and 42 of 60 outside shots overall. They shot 30 percent overall.

This begs this question. Where were the adjustments? Normally, Eustachy always make adjustments on the fly. He should have told his star players not to shoot threes when they were not making them. He should have set up plays for guys to score in the paint. He should have figured out a way how to get through Wyoming’s defense.

That’s why this game came down to coaching, too. Eustachy can’t keep running same plays expect anything different. That’s insanity. Adjustments had to be made when the team shot so bad in the first half.

It’s easy to blame the players, but these kids don’t know better. That’s where the coach has to step in and tell his players to be disciplined.

It also seemed like CSU was unprepared to whatever Wyoming was throwing out there. There was no defense by CSU. They should have come up with defensive plays to slow down Larry Nance Jr., scoring 19 points and grabbing 10 rebounds in this contest.

Credit Wyoming’s defense for not giving CSU any room to score or shoot, but good teams figure out a way to break through. It never happened for CSU.

There was no question there was disappointment and shock that emanated in the CSU’s locker room. They thought they were good enough to beat Wyoming. To go out there and lose in that fashion should strike a nerve to them.

Colorado State figured they were not only good enough to beat anyone in the Mountain West Conference, but beat some good teams in the NCAA tournament.

Maybe CSU can beat good teams, but there has to be doubts that they can beat Wyoming if they meet up in the Mountain West Conference tournament game next month. After all, Wyoming swept the season series, and they know how to break down CSU on offense and defense. They seem to know whatever schemes Eustachy is throwing out there.

There’s a good chance CSU’s NCAA tournament bid will come down to beating Wyoming. They are going to have to win all out, and they can. But if they lose to Wyoming, all bets may be off.

It’s hard to believe the NCAA will admit more than two MWC teams unless CSU can make a compelling case. San Diego State and Wyoming should be a lock to represent the MWC in the tournament. CSU is a question mark because they were swept by an elite team in the conference, and it remains to be seen if they can sweep San Diego State.

For CSU to make it, they need to beat elite teams in their own conference. They have done okay, but getting swept by Wyoming could hurt their cause.

Now, CSU has to win all their remaining games more than ever. That means beating San Diego State on the road. That also means beating Wyoming for the third time this season when they meet up in the MW tournament game.

Good chance CSU’s tournament hopes could come down to beating Wyoming next month.

Considering Wyoming owns CSU, this could be a tough task.

Last night hurts Colorado State in so many ways.

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Leslie Monteiro

Leslie Monteiro

Leslie is a contributor for Lightning Rod Sports. He covered high school sports in Bergen County out in North Jersey, and has written op-ed columns on sports such as Bleacher Report and NY Sports Digest.

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