CU Comes Off Bad Ending Rocky Mountain Showdown

(Ron Chenoy - USA Today Sports)

(Ron Chenoy – USA Today Sports)

The Rocky Mountain Showdown with Colorado and Colorado State won’t be missed. The football games have been boring for a long time now. Hard to have bragging rights when both teams are not relevant in the college football landscape.

Bragging rights for the Rocky Mountain Showdown is like being the tallest midget of all midgets. It means nothing. So it should not bother CSU if CU wants to end it. CSU don’t need their in-state rival to fill out their schedule. They should play better teams from the Power 5 conference rather than waste their time playing a horrible CU football program.

It’s Colorado’s loss if they want to end the Rocky Mountain Showdown after the 2020 season. They are not looking good by ending it because they can’t beat CSU these days. CSU is run well when it comes to their football program while CU is trying to get their once proud football fixed. The humiliation CSU is doling out on CU does not look good on their resume.

It’s funny Colorado is acting like spoiled brats these days after all these years of looking down at CSU. They look at their in-state rival as a community college rather than a state program. This is the same university that does not want to play CSU twice in basketball anymore.

Who is Colorado to dictate how to run a schedule? Who do they think they are? It’s amusing they have this arrogance when they accomplished nothing in football and basketball for the last 10 years. They are a program most people in America don’t spend time thinking about when it comes to college sports. For Pete’s sake, no prized recruit want to play for CU. No Coloradoan wants to waste his or her time playing sports there.

Instead of showing pettiness towards CSU, CU needs to build their football program. They should use CSU as a barometer on how to get better. They can learn something from their in-state rival on how to be a winning program. Playing CSU benefits CU more since they can figure out how far they have to go to become good again.

Plus if Buffs fans think CU is going to play a great football team from a power conference, they are delusional. Odds are the Buffaloes will play a cupcake opponent at home to get an easy win. There’s no way Colorado can be proud of that. Beating an awful team does not make them any better.

That’s why it’s foolish for CU to end the Rocky Mountain Showdown with CSU. There’s no benefit for them ending it. It makes them look bad. They are getting criticism for this childish behavior, and rightfully so.

Please don’t believe this bunk about Colorado wanting to play this game on campus. It’s a lame defense by them to rationalize their decision to cancel their annual game with their in-state rival. CSU would be more than happy to play at campus if the game is at Fort Collins, too. CU doesn’t want to play that game there, and that’s why it’s hard to blame CSU for not playing CU’s game.

It’s hard to fathom why Colorado wants to make this a business decision. The Rocky Mountain Showdown is bigger than them. It’s been going on for a long time. It’s for the fans. It’s for the Coloradoans that play for the state’s two main college football teams.

If Colorado is that upset that CSU is making ground with fans in Denver and getting Denver recruits, that’s pathetic. Somehow, it wouldn’t be a problem if CU is winning. That’s why CU is coming off bad in all this.

It’s hard to believe CU would act this petty. It’s surprising. This is a university that used to talk a good game. The mighty has really fallen, eh.

CSU will be just fine without CU. They don’t need that team from Boulder to make them relevant. Wins and getting great players make them a great program. They can always make it up by scheduling a game against a great program down the road.

It’s Colorado’s loss if this state football rivalry ends.

There’s still time for CU to change their mind. One has to think cooler minds will prevail.

If Colorado wants whatever credibility they had  with the public, they can start by changing their mind about canceling the showdown.

It’s the least they can do.

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Leslie Monteiro

Leslie Monteiro

Leslie is a contributor for Lightning Rod Sports. He covered high school sports in Bergen County out in North Jersey, and has written op-ed columns on sports such as Bleacher Report and NY Sports Digest.

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3 Responses to CU Comes Off Bad Ending Rocky Mountain Showdown

  1. jh says:

    From my point of view, pretty much 11 teams on CSU’s schedule qualify as cupcakes. Putting the focus on CU’s out of conference scheduling does not seem to be a very equitable comparison. CSU will lose pretty much their one credible team on their slate with any pause in the RMS. CU may have lost in 2014, but that doesn’t mean CSU is much better, considering their schedule and the beat down Utah gave them at the end of the year. Calling a team out for wanting to lighten the out of conference schedule when the other team plays 11 teams much like it is ridiculous.

  2. bogo says:

    Don’t get around much, eh, leslie? Or you just don’t read and comprehend? CU doesn’t need this game. Its fans hate the Dever location and there’s very little extra money to be made playing there, as opposed to Folsom in Boulder. CSU catching up? Ha! They lucked into two years of incredibly weak skeds, with a decent QB and the attitude to win two games vs. P5 opponents. They couldn’t even close the deal in the MWC! Now, after their fraud of a former HC left them a recruiting class in the 110th ranked area, their fortunes will fall faster than a buffalo turd hitting the High Plans.

  3. Thanks for reading, guys.

    jh: The MW conference will not be considered an elite conference, but there are good teams that play there such as Boise State (ever heard of them, CU fans), Air Force and all. I will take those teams over CU for sure.

    Exactly how CU is a credible opponent to CSU? CU stunk for 10 years now. CSU is better than CU.

    If you think CU wants not part of CSU just so they can lighten their schedule, you are lost.

    bogo: Shame on you for buying the spiel CU is giving you. CU is insulting your intelligence. As for CSU, it would be nice to go to the Big 12, but they can’t get in unless they start winning consistently. At least, they got a new stadium, so maybe that changes.

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