Chiefs Play Like Pretenders Against Broncos Again

 (Denny Medley, USA TODAY Sports)

(Denny Medley, USA TODAY Sports)

Kansas City Chiefs fans have been amped up for weeks when it came to their team’s showdown against the Broncos. After all, they said the Broncos are vulnerable based on their struggles the last few weeks. Plus, they cited the Chiefs would beat the Broncos in a rematch since their team would be the home team this time around.


The Broncos manhandled the Chiefs in a 29-16 victory last night at Arrowhead Stadium. This game was not even a contest. It was over by halftime.

In so many ways, the Broncos outclassed the Chiefs. They threw the ball better. They ran the ball at will. Their defense made Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles a non-factor. That was evident when the Chiefs gained only 66 yards on a mere 24 offensive plays and rushed only for 41 yards.

It is amusing that Chiefs fans were so cocky in the first place. The Broncos have better talent than the Chiefs, not to mention they have won six straight against their “rivals”. Peyton Manning is 13-1 against the Chiefs in his career, and he is 6-0 against them as the Broncos quarterback.

Sure, the Chiefs are a good team, but they are not in the same level as the Broncos. It’s been evident for awhile now. They don’t have a difference maker in quarterback. In fact, they never had when they went up against great Broncos teams with better quarterbacking.

Manning showed the Chiefs fans what their team is missing. He helped the Broncos convert their first five-down plays. He threw deep early and often, which included a touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas that gave the Broncos a 7-0 lead in the first quarter. He kept his unit on the field more than Smith did.

Charles is one of the best running backs in the NFL, but on this night, Broncos running back du jour C.J. Anderson outshined him by rushing for career-high 168 yards on 32 carries.  He even caught a touchdown pass by Manning that gave the Broncos a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. The Chiefs running back rushed for 35 yards on 10 carries.

With the Broncos taking a 20-7 halftime lead over the Chiefs, it was eerily quiet. It was so quiet that the Chiefs faithful went home at halftime. It’s rare the Arrowhead crowd is silenced. That’s what happens when a quality team goes out and dominates the home team. That’s what happens when the Broncos always play the Chiefs.

Maybe the Chiefs fans should talk when their team finally beat the Broncos.

Broncos fans look at the Chiefs as a wannabe team. They don’t look at them as a rival. They look at the games against Chiefs as a team they should beat.

Broncos fans look at the Chargers as a legitimate rival in the AFC West. The Chargers have beaten the Broncos over the years, and they always had the upper hand over the Broncos during the Cutler years.

Only Chiefs fans get worked up against the Broncos. Then again, it’s easy to envy a team that has owned the Chiefs.

The Chiefs haven’t talked trash against the Broncos. They know better. They don’t have the license to say anything when they have been swept by an alleged rival for the last three years. They know their role.

Maybe Chiefs fans should take notes from their team. It isn’t a rivalry when the Broncos have swept the AFC West wannabes for the last three years.

It would be nice if the Chiefs beat the Broncos just once, so that rivalry can be legitimate. Watching the Broncos play the Chiefs might as well be watching the Broncos play the Raiders. We all know the outcome of the game before it happens.

The Broncos look at their victories against the Chiefs as ho-hum. They expect it to happen. They don’t get excited about wins against them like they do with the Patriots. That’s the difference between a championship contender and a pretender.

Last night couldn’t be surprising, and it’s hard to think fortunes are changing anytime soon for the Chiefs when they play the Broncos. Not as long as Manning is under center for the Broncos.

Deep down, the Chiefs know this as well.

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Leslie Monteiro

Leslie Monteiro

Leslie is a contributor for Lightning Rod Sports. He covered high school sports in Bergen County out in North Jersey, and has written op-ed columns on sports such as Bleacher Report and NY Sports Digest.

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