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Shayne’s Broncos/Chargers Playoff Game Breakdown

broncos chargers gameTime to break down the Broncos, Chargers game. Might be the shortest column I have ever written. You want stats? Go to San Diego’s writers, they are great at stats. I’m not doing numbers, except this. When a number one seed loses in the first round, the following season they are 15-1 in their first playoff game.

Let’s break the talk down a bit. First of all, the Charger’s head coach, “Mike McCoy know Peyton Manning and knows how to beat him.” ESPN.

What the four letter has conveniently forgotten is that McCoy conceived the Bronco’s offense for the loss to the Ravens. Anybody remember the Kneel Down? All on McCoy.

“The Chargers beat the Broncos at home, five weeks ago. They have their number.”

Anybody that takes a Thursday Night Football game as an actual football game is lucid dreaming. That is the worse product that the NFL produces and has absolutely nothing to do with how a football preforms over a season. Look at that game. It took an off side call, a weird pick in the red zone, three 3 and outs in a row and eighteen yards of total rushing yards for the Broncos. Basically, the Chargers played the best game they’ve had in quite a few years and Denver played one of their worst. I’m being a homer with that statement, look at the stats and break them down. You’ll see for yourself.

The Broncos team is better than the Chargers on BOTH sides of the ball. Yes defensively too, the only stat that San Diego leads in is Point Per Game Given Up. The Broncos are better is EVERY SINGLE statistic other than that one. Simple enough, the Broncos are the better team. Frankly the best team in the AFC.

Finally and most importantly, last year’s, cold, playoff loss to the Ravens has focused this team. This sounds a bit arbitrary and it is.  Don’t like it? Tough, because it’s still true. The entire season has been about that loss. It is talked about and reiterated all the time. Because of that, there is only one reward for any of Denver’s players. The Superbowl. 

Final score, 48-20 Broncos.

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One Response to Shayne’s Broncos/Chargers Playoff Game Breakdown

  1. Leslie MonteiroLeslie Monteiro says:

    You make a great point about the Thursday night game where the Broncos were affected on the lack of practice time that week, Shayne. I agree there.

    That said, I do think Rivers could have his way with the Broncos defense, which is a question mark.

    Bottom line is there is going to be a shootout.

    This is going to be closer than people think. I got the Broncos winning on a Matt Prater’s game-winning field goal.

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