Why Is Welker Playing Sunday?

(Ron Chenoy/USA Today Sports)

(Ron Chenoy/USA Today Sports)

Football teams will win at any cost no matter what type of level that sport is played. NFL teams managed to keep wifebeaters, child abusers and all as long as those guys help them win games. Teams will make guys play hurt even if he is standing around.

The Broncos reinstated Wes Welker back from the injury list after having another concussion in a preseason game against the Texans. This comes after the NFL ended his four-game suspension for violating NFL’s PED policy. It isn’t a coincidence they did that with the Broncos heading to Seattle to play the Seahawks on Sunday afternoon. That game is an important game for them after the Super Bowl champs mauled them with the score of 43-8.  He gives them a good shot to win.

This begs this question. Why? Is winning that Seahawks game that important that they have to rush Welker back from a concussion? This is negligence. This is irresponsible on the Broncos’ part, especially when they have a bye week next week.

Let’s be real. As much as the Broncos and their fans want this game, this game won’t make up to what happened on that February night at East Rutherford. The Lombardi trophy won’t be taken away from the Seahawks if the Broncos win. It would be nice from the Broncos perspective to win at Seattle for confidence purposes, but it is not worth it if they need Welker to play through his concussion.

Besides the Broncos have enough playmakers  on offense to play with the Seahawks. This game is going to come down to how the Broncos defense fare more than anything. Welker will not make that big of a difference.

Welker played through a concussion in the Super Bowl last year, and he did not do much. It’s hard to think he will do much in Sunday’s game as he tries to get back in football shape. This makes it pointless to bring Welker back.

The Seahawks won’t make Welker’s life easy. They will target him with the idea of getting him out of the game. They will be out for blood. This is the dirtiest team in football. This is why it’s not a good idea to have him out there.

The Broncos must have a big picture here. They need to have Welker ready for the postseason. As great as beating the Seahawks is, it means nothing. Getting home-field advantage does not mean much. It’s about being in a position to win in January. That’s where a healthy Welker is important.

To rush Welker back so soon is wrong. He couldn’t possibly be ready to play this soon. It takes time to get back into the groove. This is not going to happen in a few days. That’s why it’s worthless to have him out there.

Welker wants to play. That’s the competitor in him. He knows he has a responsibility to his teammates to go out and play no matter how much he is in pain. He also likes being around the guys. That’s all well and good on his part.

This should not be his decision to play. This decision should be made by the Broncos. His health is more important than beating the Seahawks.

The right thing would be Welker to retire. Yes, he wants to win a Super Bowl. Yes, he loves football. Yes, he would have a hard time filling the void of football. That’s great and all, but his health is more important than anything. He should get a chance to live. Concussions are not something to toy around.

One would think the Broncos would get it, but they don’t. They are so blinded about winning that they would sacrifice someone’s health just to get a win against the Seahawks. This is another example of sports losing their way, and these incidents that have taken place in the NFL reflect that.

It shouldn’t be stunning Welker is playing this week. If he had his way, he would have played Week 1. It shouldn’t be stunning the Broncos will activate Welker being that it’s a big game.

It’s just that the timing does not make sense for both. There was no rush to bring him back.

The decision will be second-guessed if Welker has a concussion either Sunday or two or three weeks from now.

The Broncos are only asking for trouble with this ill-advised move.

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Leslie Monteiro

Leslie Monteiro

Leslie is a contributor for Lightning Rod Sports. He covered high school sports in Bergen County out in North Jersey, and has written op-ed columns on sports such as Bleacher Report and NY Sports Digest.

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