Will the Rapids Make Any Moves Before the Transfer Deadline?

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The Rapids opportunity to add quality players to make a push for the playoffs ends soon as the MLS mid-season transfer window closes Wednesday, August 6th.  Trades are still available after Wednesday, but the ability to outright purchase players or establish temporary loans will be put on hold until next season.

Given our inconsistent form lately, it may be in Paul Bravo’s best interest (VP of Soccer Operations) to make some sort of bid to add to the squad to make a run for the postseason.

The Rapids have made one transaction this summer, dealing Nathan Sturgis to Chivas USA for Carlos Alvarez. The trade occurred predominantly because Alvarez provides more of an attacking force, especially in the final third of the pitch.  Sturgis made 31 appearances for and racked up a total of 2,353 minutes playing for the club over 1-½ seasons.  Whilst Alvarez has been with the Rapids, he’s played in 4 games and earned an assist.

Since the acquisition of Alvarez, the Rapids have gone 1-3-2(W-L-T), scoring 8 goals. Alvarez has been on the field for 6 of those goals fulfilling the role of box to box attacking midfielder. Although Alvarez is a great addition to the squad, the Rapids are filled with great center midfielders with the likes of Dillon Powers. Powers won rookie of the year last year and is having another impressive year. The position they could use some depth in is the winger position. This would allow them to space out and play a more organized game. Teams usually have a whole factory of wingers but the Rapids season seem to be lacking in that department.

Over the past few games, Pablo Mastroeni has been favoring formations, which would require two outside wingers. He has been placing players such as Dillon Serna and Dillon Powers on the outside but these players are usually played in the center. To compensate, he has had his outside players come inside and have his fullbacks come up the wing. This does work but it leaves the Rapids very vulnerable against counter attacks.  Given the Rapids inconsistent form lately using this strategy, it begs to whether the Rapids will try to acquire an outside midfielder before Wednesday.  If a transaction were to go through, it certainly would take the pressure off the defense and give the offense more opportunities.

The Rapids could certainly afford a quality outside midfielder credited to the fact they have been focusing on acquiring low budget- high quality players. They also have two designated player spots left which gives them the chance to sign a top player and it wouldn’t count against their salary.  Here is a list of players that Rapids could potentially use their other designated player spots upon.

Danny Racchi- This English born player has played in England for the majority of his career in the lower divisions. Danny is currently under contract for Icelandic team Valur. The Rapids could probably purchase him for $300,000, which is a relatively fair price. He specializes in crossing, which would fit in great with the heading ability of Dillon Powers and Drew Moor.

Marin Tomasov- This guy is FAST! Born in Croatia, he currently plays for 1860 Munich, a 3rd division German team. Rapids could purchase him for somewhere around $670,000. It may be a little pricy but come on, Kroenke is our owner, and he definitely has the money.

Lee Chang Hoon- This Korean soccer player currently plays for Seongnam in the K-League. He is very quick and agile and would fit great coming down the wing especially with our physical center midfielders. His price tag is about $450,000, which isn’t too shabby.

The Rapids are currently 5th place in the Western Conference with 12 games to go. Although they are currently in a playoff spot, if they want to stay consistent and make a playoff run they have to add a player on the wing. If Mastroeni wants solid form in the back and dynamic attacking, one of these wingers would surely help and be beneficial to the Rapids.

Zachary Powell

Zachary Powell

Zachary is a FBLA Sports Management District Champion, and a fan of all Professional Colorado teams. He plans on attending the University of Michigan for the Fall of 2016, to study Sports Management. Zachary is a High School Golfer.

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