Shayne’s Week 11 NFL Picks

nfl picksEvery week I pick every NFL game against the spread. Lucky for you, now that I’m on Lighting Rod Sports, you get to see and rate my picks too!! Of the 131 or so games played this year, I am 131-0, as far as you know. 

Unless of course you happen to be one the degenerate gamblers I’ve lost money to, then perhaps, you can debate my perfect record. Then again, most of the bettors I know can’t read over 140 characters in one sitting, let alone an entire column like this so my perfect, pretend record remains intact.

Indy -2.5 @ Tenn 42.5, Thursday NFL Network

colts titansBoth teams are coming off embarrassing losses, The Colts lost to StL and the Titans lost to the Jaguars, simply pathetic. Jake Locker is out for the year with Ryan Fitzpatrick taking over as quarterback for Tennessee. My pick, Indy and lay the points.

@Buffalo -1 vs. NYJ; 41, Sunday 11:00 CBS

jets billsI love the Jets in this game. Geno is a better quarterback and they easily have a better team. (Say that a year ago). More importantly, the Under in this game is my DELIGHT PICK OF THE WEEK, a pick so easy it’s pure bliss, DELIGHT. I know, ‘Delight Pick of the Week’ is way cheezy but all the cool adjectives have been taken.

Atlanta -1 @ TB; 43.5, Sunday 11:00 Fox

buckeneersTake the Falcons and lay the single point. If nothing else, simply for the pride of not being embarrassed by getting beat by Tampa Bay, (See Tennessee).

Detroit -2 @ Pitt; 47.5, Sunday 11:00 Fox

pats pathersI’m taking the Steelers in this game, frankly I still have a hard time saying, ‘Lions, Road Favorites’ and if your betting with your grandma’s Depends money, you can go out on a limb.

@Philly -3.5 vs. Wash; 52.5, Sunday 11:00 Fox

redskins eaglesAnother DELIGHT OF THE WEEK!! Take Philly and lay the three and a half. RGIII isn’t a good quarterback, give him a couple years and he’ll be in the hospital or carrying a clipboard. Nick Foles will have a hell of a game against Washington’s, God abiding secondary. It’s HOLEY!! If you don’t like my puns, write your own column, oh, and take Philly

Arizona -6.5 @ Jacksonville; 41, Sunday 11:00 Fox

cardinalsJacksonville sucks, a win last week or not. The Cardinals win and covers

@Houston -7 vs. Oakland; 42, Sunday 11:00 CBS

texasThis is a very hard game to call, on one hand; Houston is in a free-fall this year, losing their last seven games. Coach Kubs is expected back this week though and he is a much better play caller than Rick Dennison who couldn’t make any adjustments or have any originality. I’m taking the Texan’s to win but not to cover.

@Chicago -3 vs. Baltimore; 46.5, Sunday 11:00 CBS

ravens bearsBasically a pick-em game since the Bears are getting the typical three point home favor. McCown is starting in place of Cutler and the Super Bowl defending champions are 1-3 on the road. Flip a coin, I did and picked Chicago to cover. Gotta admit that I’m a huge fan of the Under on this game. A DELIGHT PICK OF THE WEEK?? Yup, I think so.

@Cincy -5.5 vs. Cleve; 42, Sunday 11:00 CBS

browns bengalsCincy hosts the 81st edition of the Paul Brown Bowl this weekend. The Brownies have a better team than their 4-5 record indicates. With a Defense that ranks 5th overall, and 6th against the run. Cleveland with the upset, ties up the AFC North for 1st place.

SD -1.5 @ Miami; 45.5, Sunday 2:05 CBS

chargers dolphinsIn a battle of matching 4-5 heroines, I’m picking the Chargers to cover and crush the Dolphins. Yes you can safely assume this is a DELIGHT PICK OF THE WEEK!! **That name is starting to rub off on me, which isn’t as good as rubbing me off, but I digress** Rivers the whiner is having a pro bowl season and only their Defense lost last week’s Denver game. Granted, that’s pretty easy to do. SD goes 4-2 the rest of the year and squeak into the playoffs. By the way,this line flipped, starting with Miami at -1.5.

@NyG -5.5 vs. GB; 42.5, Sunday 2:25 Fox

cheese headFlip a coin, who cares? With Rodgers going down so do GB’s wins and my fantasy football league for that matter. I’m taking the Giants and laying the points for the artless reason of rooting for a 0-5 team to make the playoffs. The NFC East sucks.

@Seattle -12.5 vs. Minn; 46, Sunday 2:25 Fox

vikings seahawksThe Seahawks are legit, take em. Lay the points.

@NO -3 vs. SF; 47.5, Sunday 2:25 Fox

49ers saintsI may be the only man in the world that thinks Kaepernick is overrated and in the last 24 games at the King Dome, the Saints have covered 20 times. Easy pickins.. New Orleans plays Denver in the Super Bowl.

@Denver -8.5 vs. KC; 49.5, Sunday 6:30 NBC

manningI really expected this spread to drop a point or two. Granted, it’s only Thursday morning so it still might move some before game time. As it is I’m taking the Chiefs and the points. The Broncos win this game easily but give up some backdoor points at the end of the game, so they don’t cover.

@Carolina -2.5 vs. NE; 46, Monday 6:40 ESPN

pats pathersALWAYS TAKE THE PATRIOTS ON MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!! I can’t believe I have to tell you these things.

 Enjoy the games this week!! We might actually have a decent Thursday Night Football game. Maybe…..

As always, cuss, comment or Tweet.

Shayne Sharpe

Shayne Sharpe

Shayne is a Colorado native with a life love of sports. He's been studying and loving this state and their teams for four decades.

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  1. Already picked the TNF game!!

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