Why Not Lubick As CSU Athletic Director?

Sonny Lubick Firing Jack Graham as Colorado State athletic director has not sit well with Colorado State fans, coaches, athletes, alumni and boosters. They realized he brought validation and credibility to that athletic department that was slowly dying before he got there.Colorado State needs to hire someone that will be a hit to the disgruntled masses. Even hiring an outsider or a proven AD will not do it. This may have to be an outside the box hiring.

Colorado State should hire Sonny Lubick as their next AD. He would bring recognition to this program. He understands what CSU is about. He could bring everyone together. He could keep the coaches from going elsewhere. He could sell recruits to attend Colorado State. Maybe he can keep the new football stadium project going.

What’s there to lose? Whoever Colorado State hires is going to be a question mark. They might as well go with someone that is familiar to the university, athletes and boosters.

Lubick seems interested in the job if the university wants to talk to him about it. He certainly would love to give it a try in getting Colorado State back to prominence, especially with college football. It would be a challenge that would invigorate him. One thing about him is that he would put his heart and soul as an AD if he was hired.

Lubick would be a fine choice for this job for one reason, and that’s to keep the new football stadium project alive. It’s still not a lost cause yet. Colorado State can still raise some millions to keep this project going. The university owes it to themselves and the football players to keep this going. Lubick is one guy that can make this go.

It’s going to be hard for outsiders to do all this if they get hired as AD. Hiring an outsider is sending a message that the new football stadium is impossible.

Being an athletic director is more than just running a program. It’s about selling the product. It’s about selling the program. It’s about getting people to invest in the program. It’s about winning people over. That’s why Lubick makes sense. He is a name that is familiar with the program and Fort Collins.

An outsider does not make sense in this situation. He has to understand Colorado State. He has to know how the program works and all. It would be an adjustment he would have to make. It’s not something Colorado State should do at this time. Not when the athletic department is trying to achieve success. Colorado State football is building towards respectability. Colorado State has built goodwill with their basketball program. What Colorado State has to do is keep these coaches, not let them leave.

Plus, it’s important that the president, board of trustees and the athletic director have to agree on how athletics should be run at the university. That was a problem with Graham when he disagree with his bosses when it came to the football project and athletics. There’s a good bet hiring an experienced AD or an outsider would create the same problems.

With Lubick, he can get the president and the board of trustees to agree on athletics. He has that respect factor where his superiors can listen and agree. It wasn’t the case with Graham, who was egotistical to their liking. There was no trust with the former athletic director and CSU President Tony Frank anymore.

It makes sense for Colorado State to hire Lubick. It makes sense for him to take the job as AD.

If Colorado State can be a powerhouse again, Lubick would be a hero. If Colorado State can get a football stadium, Lubick would get the credit for finishing it.

Sure, hiring the former football coach is a risk, but so is anyone at this point. There is no one would want this job anyway. This is a hire that requires something bold. Lubick is as good as it can gets. Plus, he would love to be there.

The last thing Colorado State needs is to hire someone that would use the school as a stepping stone to his next job. They need to hire someone who is committed to the school for awhile. Maybe Lubick can mentor his associate as the next AD in a few years.

There are more pros than cons in hiring Lubick.

Colorado State has nothing to lose hiring their former football coach as AD.

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Leslie Monteiro

Leslie Monteiro

Leslie is a contributor for Lightning Rod Sports. He covered high school sports in Bergen County out in North Jersey, and has written op-ed columns on sports such as Bleacher Report and NY Sports Digest.

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