WWE’S Fastlane PPV Main Event

wwe-fast-laneWWE’s Fastlane PPV is this upcoming Sunday and the PPV has some decent matches on the card but let’s be honest, the main event is where all eyes will be.

A triple threat match between Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Brock Lesnar sounds like a damn good main event.  Plus a lot is at stake with the winner facing Triple H at WrestleMania 32 for the WWE Championship.

Chalking up the plethora of injuries to the WWE roster is what made Triple H put his hat in the ring at the Royal Rumble.  Then the lack of star power is why he won.  Randy Orton is out, Cesaro is out, Seth Rollins is out, John Cena may be out, who knows where Sting is, The Rock is filming a movie and can’t compete, Stone Cold isn’t coming out of retirement, CM Punk is long gone, and Hulk Hogan is still buried under the dirt pile WWE put him under.  So WWE needed some big name to headline their biggest event of the year. So Triple H was appointed which isn’t a bad gig and just one of the perks of banging the boss’s daughter.  Triple H has past history in the ring with all three men, but which one is best suited to face him? I guess the question to ask is, who SHOULD win this triple threat match to face Triple H?

Brock Lesnar:

I am a huge fan of Brock, I think he epitomizes a WWE champ.  He has the size, the look, the intimidation, and the past success.  Having Paul Heyman in your corner helps your promo’s immensely.  However Brock vs. Triple H part three doesn’t interest me.  Part one was ok, part two was good, and if history repeats itself then we could predict part three would be pretty good.  However, the problem with part three is we have already seen this movie.  What new could they bring to the match that we haven’t seen in the first two matches.  We’ve seen a no DQ contest, sledgehammers, chairs, F-5’s, Pedigrees, with Brock winning one match and Triple H winning the other.  At this point I would rather see Brock vs Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania because we HAVEN”T seen that yet.  One of the biggest criticisms of WWE today is constantly having the same matches over and over again.  Though time has been spread out between these and it is with two of its biggest names, it’s still the same root problem.  I don’t think Brock will win this match as I am sure the Wyatt Family will interfere which will set up Brock vs. Bray at WrestleMania.  But, if Brock did manage to win, we could expect a decent WrestleMania main event, just one we have seen before.

Roman Reigns:

WWE has been trying to put over Reigns for over a year now, and every time they get somewhere with him people go right back to booing him.  He wins the Royal Rumble last year and gets booed out the building.  He beats Daniel Bryan at last year’s Fastlane and some of the boo’s fade.  Then his atrocious WrestleMania promo’s last year leading up to the event caused him to get booed again.  Then beating Dean Ambrose for the vacant WWE title earned some cheers, then after a Money In The Bank Cash in and a Sheamus Brouge kick he lost the title, to well, some cheers.  Then cheers again for winning the WWE title on Raw, then boos again at the last Royal Rumble, then cheers again for losing the title. Once again Reigns is getting booed again since people think he will win and headline WrestleMania for the second straight year.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Roman win but under only ONE circumstance…he has to turn heel.  Turning on Dean Ambrose would work greatly for his heel image.  People already dislike the guy and it’s been like that no matter what WWE has tried.  They have exhausted all their options so they only have one option left and that is turning him heel.  If WWE wants him to headline again they need to switch up his character.  If WWE doesn’t make him heel here, then for the love of God, please don’t let him win.  No one wants to see the unlikable face known as Roman Reigns headline another WrestleMania event.

Dean Ambrose:

Ambrose’s momentum has been on a roll for a while now.  He is over with the fans and it was never more apparent when it was down to Ambrose and Triple H at the Royal Rumble.  The crowd erupted before the two locked up and continued when they were throwing blows back and forth.  The crowd, at a jam packed PPV event, has already proven they liked the idea of those two facing off.  Some people question whether or not Ambrose is ready for a main event and I have those same questions myself.  However, Ambrose has had some great main event matches with Seth Rollins and considering the other two options, such as matches we have already seen and a character that is going no where, maybe it’s time for Ambrose in the spotlight.  Considering Roman Reigns, Brock, and Triple H have all had their time and WWE needs to push its full time talent like Ambrose, Ambrose would seem to be the prefect fit to win at Fastlane.

Ambrose SHOULD win the Fastlane main event, but WILL he?

John Madden

John Madden

Born and raised in Denver, John is a the Sports producer, anchor, and reporter at the Emmy-winning student run newscast of MSU Denver, The Met Report. John is also the Founder, Administrator, and Publisher of the blog 2CentBeatDown.com

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