3 Up, 3 Down: First Half Surprises and Disappointments

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison

The first half of the 2016 season has, thus far, been jammed with fun and unpredictable moments. Now that the All Star Game in San Diego has wrapped up and as the dog days of summer approach for the second half of the season, lets take a look back at some of the surprises and disappointments from the first half of 2016.

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The Shield Triple Threat Match at WM 32…Please?

Shield Triple ThreatMy mentality before the last Monday Night Raw was WWE…WTF?  The recent TLC PPV was average at best, and the last few Raw’s made me watch the Ravens/Browns, and the Cowboys/Redskins game instead.  Yes, I chose to watch the Cleveland Browns and the Cowboys with Matt Cassel at QB because I had no idea what WWE was doing with Sheamus as the champ. Read More

WWE Night of Champions Review

Photo Courtesy: ProWrestling.com

Photo Courtesy: ProWrestling.com

Night of Champions always has the potential to be a great PPV.  All the titles are on the line and the big names come out which is exactly how Night of Champions 2015 was shaping up. Seth Rollins who stole the show at SummerSlam had two matches on the card. Read More

New Faces Can Change the Rockies

jt070215e/sports/jim thompson/Isotopes shortstop Trevor Story moves to reach the ball in Thursday night game against the Reno Aces. Thursday, July. 02, 2015.(Jim Thompson/Albuquerque Journal.)

(Jim Thompson/Albuquerque Journal)

The Colorado Rockies are having a typical season full of frustration and inability to compete at the highest level. The team has added to its excellent minor league talent in hopes of re-writing its future. I wrote in an earlier article that one of those players is Trevor Story, a shortstop for the Albuquerque Isotopes, the Triple-A affiliate for the Rockies. Read More

SummerSlam 2015 Review

summer slam 2015SummerSlam has been clutch over the years in providing great Pay-Per-Views for WWE.  The 2015 version had been hyped more than any other SummersSlam than I can remember due to one match.  The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar rematch got the most publicity and rightfully so.   Read More

Tulowitzki Trade Provides a Different “Story” for Colorado

Colorado RockiesDan O’Dowd and the rest of the Colorado Rockies front office during O’Dowd’s tenure were subject to much criticism. Rockies new general manager, Jeff Bridich, in his first full season at the helm of the team, has been labeled a puppet of his predecessor. Not anymore with his recent blockbuster trade of the Rockies franchise player. Read More